Companies will only thrive in such a rapidly changing world if they unleash all their creative capital. To do this, they must build a culture that encourages the invention of new possibilities where others see nothing, and the pursuit of bold ideas while maintaining the discipline of getting things done
My “blue‐sky thinking” workshops, lectures, educational trips, books and articles are aimed at awakening novel possibilities (that only exist in our minds) to cope more creatively with business and management problems of any kind and help make these novel ideas real.

“blue‐sky thinking” Workshops

Designed as if they were a studio, participants are trained in how to break away from established patterns, dream up new possibilities and experiment to try them out
Length: the minimum duration is half a day, up to a maximum of two and a half days.
Location: anywhere.
A fervent believer in the idea that knowledge is all ‐if it also includes the knowledge of doing‐ workshops are a mash‐up of Design Thinking and Socratic questioning. Conceived as modular training structures, assembled from basic modules (see lectures on the next tab), you decide how to customize them according to your innovation needs.
Each module starts with a short lecture to pave the way, gives lots of experiential exercises aimed at developing the skills of doing, plus real company challenges of your choice to be worked through on the spot, finishing with an elevator pitch to present resulting ideas and action plans to the rest of participants for their evaluation and critique.

Lectures (modules)

Length: the minimum duration is 1 hour and forty-five minutes up to 8 hours.
Location: anywhere.

Educational Trips

A full immersion experience
A tailor-made “blue-sky thinking” Workshop around a topic of your choice peppered with company visits (from the same industry or a mixture of companies from different sectors) and other suggested cultural activities, designed specifically for you to help spark your imagination.
Length: the minimum duration is 3 days up to a maximum of 5 days.
Location: Barcelona-Catalonia (Spain).
These Educational Trips have a threefold objective
Introducing the Design Thinking and Socratic questioning approach and process to the delegates so they can become familiar with the process and develop skills they can later apply to their own business challenges.

“blue-sky thinking” workshops

Visiting companies considered to be ahead of the curve regarding innovation.


Exposing the delegates to the culture of Barcelona-Catalonia and letting their imagination connect the unconnected.

Cultural Safari