photo exhibition – Madagascar Other realities

This is a good example of having a dream a warm summer night at Madagascar and make it become true!… a good first hand opportunity for me to explore new things; to venture down untrodden paths, making new connections and see what happens. A way to confirm the commercial that says that impossible is nothing!

The idea of this photo exhibition that took place at the McDonald’s of Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) appears during my trip to Madagascar in the summer of 2012. The warm welcome and comments that I received about the  pictures that I was sending to my relatives and friends about the realities I was seeing while in Madagascar (that quite often shocked me), made me wonder that it could be worth to share those photos with more people. So this exhibition showed that there are always surprising things that we never suspect the existence of until we see them. An the exhibition in itself is a provocation and an example that everything you may think (dream) is possible: this is an exhibition of pictures made by a non-pothographer (me) with a non-traditional camera but an iphone, conceptualized by a non-curator (Lina), shown in a non-conventional exhibition hall (it took place at a McD’s lounge!) using the packaging of the McD’s-products as the frame to hold the pictures. An exhibition that challenged everything and everyone that came to light thanks to the wholehearted work and enthusiasm of Lina Seguró, and the support of HP and McD’s.

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