New! Nuevo! Design Thinking Kit.

Proud to announce the launching of the DT kit in conjunction with Luki Huber product design studio.

The Design Thinking kit is my last brand new “child”, which blends the bounties of the Manual Thinking® tool (ideated in the  design studio of Luki Huber in Barcelona as a tool to simplify creative teamwork) with the very best of the Design Thinking’s precepts I apply all the time in my tailor-made hands-on workshops (a mash-up of DT and Socratic questioning) aimed at helping businesses to boost any possible type of innovation and tap into new market opportunities.

A kit that synthesizes in 4 straightforward steps a proven way to solve any business problem you may face putting always the customer at the center of the analysis.

The kit comes with maps, work templates and removable labels and a free downloadable user-manual that guides you through the 4 steps. The materials provided allow groups up till 5 persons to put into practice each step of the Design Thinking process in a visual manner.

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