How to nurture creativity and innovation across the organization

Lecture delivered at the “open day” – inauguration of the new premises of CAPSiDE an NTT Company (*) in Barcelona.


(*) Capside is a Strategic Services Broker that designs, implements and manages systems architectures that empower companies’ businesses, with strong focus on performance & scalability, for mission-critical platforms.

Why are some organizations good at innovating and adapting while others seem to be paralysed by change? Is it becasue of their disciplined innovation process or the knowledge and skills of their people, or both? Or is it their deterrmination to build a culture where challenging assumptions is not only welcomed, but expected?

Find here 5 hints:

1. Encourage a safe environment where curiosity is stimulated and  abductive thinking (the what-can-be type of thinking) to ”design” the future is recognised.

2. Balance order & routine with a certain degree of permissiveness. Strive for ambidexterity to cope with the different capabilities of doers, organizational insiders, creative people and storytellers within the company.

3. Set a purpose (share information to forge a collective vision), create space for autonomy, give room for mastery and self-deployment to your employees.

4. Stimulate intrapreneurship. Ideas are useless unless executed!

5. Align your incentive system to achieve the innovation you want to see! If your incentive system does not reward taking risks, revolutionary innovation that may make way to potential disruptions will never occur. Change behaviors by adjusting the rewards.

Creating a culture with a bias for action requires having rewards aligned with the taking of considered risks.