Design Thinking Gains Momentum in Singapore.

F&B Design Thinking workshop held in Barcelona July 1st – 5th

The Singapore government takes initiative to help enterprises thrive on changing trends and tastes through nurturing a design-thinking corporate culture business.

SPRING Singapore an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry is responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow and building trust in Singapore products and services. SPRING works with partners to help enterprises in financing, capability and management development, technology and innovation, and access to markets.

The Design Engage Programme focuses on the design methods and mindsets that help enterprises identify new areas for growth. Throughout the program enterprises learn a new way to accelerate innovation in their products, services and experiences and also create and enhance their business strategy to achieve new breakthroughs.

The F&B Design Immersion programme aimed at restaurant owners, and food producers has been divided into three phases.

Phase 1. Delegates sensitization to DT and preparation for phase2

Phase 2. Design Thinking workshop in Barcelona.

Phase 3. Project Implementation.

Phases 1 and 3 are lead by Ideactio Pte Ltd. a consulting firm based in Singapore, while phase 2 has taken place in Barcelona and has been lead by myself in partnership with industrial designer Luki Huber. A good example of what an educational trip is!


The Design Immersion Program (stage 2) hold in Barcelona had a threefold objective:

1.Methodological by introducing the Design Thinking approach and process to the delegates so they can become familiar with the DT process and develop the skills to apply it afterwards to their own business challenges. TRACK 1 (DT-workshop).

2.Inspirational by visiting companies at every level of the F&B’s supply chain that are ahead of the curve regarding innovation.TRACK 2 (Food4Thought).

For this edition we had visited (and/or enjoyed an insightful speech) Lékué,  got ntroduced  to El Bulli Universe (including a visit to El Bulli Taller and an amazing dinner at Tickets), Enric Rovira Xocolatier, Manitowoc Foodservice,  XOCOA & demasié and Comerç 24 and La guingueta by Carles Abellán.

3.Experiential by inviting the delegates to take our suggested food gymkhana at lunchtime that will allow them to experience the pro’s&con’s of different “ways of serving food” formats.TRACK 3 (Food adventure).

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